nutrition counseling

Baird Health & Counseling Center offers individual or group nutritional counseling to students who have concerns or desires to eat healthier. Medical, cultural or individual issues involving food can be accomodated on the Colby-Sawyer College campus. Education is geared to each student's personal goals and the resources and personal attention of the Sodexho Dining Room staff are utilized in making better nutrition a reality.

The Baird staff are dedicated to educating and supporting students in making healthy food choices and to assisting students in making informed choices regarding the care and feeding of their bodies. CSC students can contact Baird Center if they need information or resources, if they have any concerns, or if they would like support for any food, weight or exercise issues.

For more information or specific concerns, please contact BHCC at 603-526-3621 or Baird Health & Counseling Center.

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