dealing with grief

There are many reasons why college students may have to face loss and grief. At such an age of adventure and promise grieving can be very difficult and make you feel very alone. The counselors at Baird Health and Counseling Center are prepared to help you navigate the processes of loss and grief while maintaining commitment to academic and personal success.

Everyone reacts differently to grief and loss. A quiet acknowledgement and offer to be present and available is usually the most helpful response. It may be useful to keep in mind the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance while recognizing that people move back and forth among them.

Grieving students should be encouraged to express their feelings but destructive behavior or self-destructive verbalization must be reported to Campus Safety and/or Baird Health and Counseling Center. A student who acts out in such a way is treated with respect and compassion but is expected to accept personal responsibility.

Coping with Loss: Guide to Grieving and Bereavement