about eating disorders

The staff of Baird Health & Couseling Center recognize that all members of the student body have the right to receive quality holistic health care that meets each individual student's needs, including the need to assume active, reponsible involvement in his or her own health care.

In keeping with this mission, the staff is committed to providing information and support concerning nutritional needs, compulsive over-eating, weight and body image distortion, exercise obsession, and disordered eating patterns including food preoccupation and purging. BHCC does not function in the place of specialty care for eating disorders for those who need it. Rather we can and do supplement the care provided through a student's primary provider and/or eating disorder clinic. BHCC has developed protocols for working with students who have eating disorders. Because eating disorders involve physical, psychological and emotional factors, a multi-specialty approach is used.

Confidentiality and respect are maintained and the student's active involvement is expected throughout the process. Realistic goals are set for the difficult task of changing coping styles and behaviors to promote better health and enable the student to realize his or her full potential. The treatment team works with a student's home health care provider, thereby maintaining continuity of care.

Educational literature on these topics is available at BHCC for the college community's use.

For more specific information, please contact Baird Health & Counseling Center by phone at (603) 526-3621 or by email.

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