The transition to college life involves leaving the comforts of home, family, friends and high school. This means a considerable adjustment under the best of circumstances. For many students difficulties arise which they find they cannot surmount with their usual resources. To help with such situations counseling sessions are available to each student. Professional counselors who are familiar with the campus and the local community effectively help many students with the rough patches of their transitions.

Counseling is a part of life that happens to each of us every day. It is our interaction with each other. Counseling can be as simple as asking a friend what is appropriate to wear to a social function or as complex as seeking help for serious life situations.

  • Why am I sad?
  • What changes do I need to make to experience life more fully?
  • How do I learn to grieve…to come to terms with my family…to stop undesirable behaviors and addictions…to get over my boyfriend-girlfriend?
  • How can I get along with others more successfully?

College students' primary goal is an academic degree that enhances and prepares them for whatever lies in the future. Sometimes, however, personal/emotional/psychological distresses interfere with accomplishing the primary academic tasks. When this happens, counseling is one of the means toward healthier creative living by focusing on the whole person…body, mind, and spirit.

Counselors are trained to:
* Help you identify what is bothering you.
* Help you explore your own options toward balance and health.
* Listen to you without judgment or condemnation.
* Aid you in deciding what you want or need to do next.
* Find you the best resources available to meet your needs.

The purpose of the Baird Counseling Service is to provide psychological, emotional, and educational support for students in order to enhance their college and life experiences.

Services provided by counselors include:
* Individual and group counseling for students.
* Assessment of crises situations and the reasons for the crisis onset.
* Follow-up care at Baird or referral to the appropriate agency.

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