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We know that students with disabilities enhance the culture of the college and contribute diverse perspectives to our academic community. We value student agency and independence, and this notion is embedded in our work with students. We look forward to working with you, as you become part of the exciting Colby-Sawyer College community. Access Resources at Colby-Sawyer is committed to providing qualified students equal access to the curriculum, services, and activities of the college in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. We collaborate with faculty and staff to foster a welcoming environment and implement reasonable accommodations to ensure that all students benefit from opportunities available to them. Your success is very important to us.

Applications for Newly Accepted and Enrolled Students

Enrolled students seeking accommodations or support services should access applications for resources on myColby-Sawyer.

Our notification process includes the following steps for students:

  1. Submit a complete an Application for Disability Accommodations if needed

  2. Submit a complete Application for Disability Housing if needed

  3. Both applications must have submitted documentation (testing from a qualified evaluator) verifying your disability and the need for services or accommodations. You may either attach documentation to your application(s) before submitting, or mail separately to the college. Please refer to the Documentation Guidelines. Please note that IEPs and 504 plans are not considered adequate documentation but may be submitted as supplemental information.

The provision of accommodations and services is based on assessment of the current impact of your disability on academic performance. Therefore, it is necessary to provide recent documentation. Once we determine your eligibility, we will meet with you to review our recommendations. Knowing your needs in advance helps us prepare to make your first semester at Colby-Sawyer College a positive and productive experience.

Resources for Prospective Families

Disability Guide
Frequently Asked Questions

Documentation Guidelines

Disability Guidelines for Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
Disability Guidelines for Medical Conditions and Other Disabilities
Disability Guidelines for Learning Disabilities
Disability Guidelines for Psychological Disabilities
Disability Guidelines for Temporary Medical Conditions

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