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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Power Outages

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Who should I call when my power goes out?

If the power outage seems to be a local event (IE: room, building) contact Campus Safety at extension 3300. If the power outage appears to be campus wide, please do not tax the emergency telephone system with calls to advise that a power outage has occurred. Campus Safety will already have this information and will be working on the problem.

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Do we have to go to classes if the power goes out?

The Academic Vice President and the Dean of Faculty, in consultation with Senior Staff, will make the determination to cancel classes. However, individual professors may cancel their own classes. Go to class if you have not received word that classes are canceled through the CSC Alert system or your professor. Information about the outage and about class cancellation may also be posted in the lounges of the residence halls and broadcasted by local media outlets: NHPR (89.1, 89.5 FM); WNTK (99.7 FM).

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When will the power be back on?

The College shares the same power grid as the rest of the town, so it depends on the type of problem and its source. The cause and scope of the outage will impact how quickly New Hampshire Public Service crews will be able to restore service.

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Are flashlights available?

No. Residential Education staff members have flashlights in their apartments and/or offices for staff use. It is highly recommended that you keep a flashlight and batteries of your own on hand.

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Can we use candles during a power outage?

No. Candles and all other exposed flames are still against College policy during a power outage. The risk of causing a fire is even greater during this time.

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Will the toilets work during a power outage?

Yes. Except to heat the water, the water system is not linked to the electrical system. You may flush and wash your hands during an outage, but you will not have hot water.

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Will my ID still let me into my building during a power outage?

The electronic access control systems that secure all residence halls and most administrative buildings have a battery backup system and will generally operate in a power outage for 4 to 6 hours.

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What should I do if the power goes out while I'm in an elevator?

Elevators will not operate during a power outage, but the emergency lighting and telephone will operate normally. Persons trapped in an elevator should push the emergency call button which will dial 911 for assistance. Disabled persons trapped on upper floors and in need of assistance should contact Campus Safety at x3300 or dial 911. Please be patient, as it is anticipated the Campus Safety office will be inundated with telephone calls.

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Is there someplace for us to go if the power outage is really bad?

Power outages generally do not last more than four hours. The best course of action during a power outage is to remain in your residence hall room until instructed to do otherwise. This is especially important during cold weather months, as the heating systems in buildings without auxiliary power do not function during a power outage. By reducing the number of times people enter and exit the buildings we will be able to retain heat and keep residents comfortable for a greater period of time. It's also important to ensure all windows are closed securely to prevent additional heat loss.

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How do we know what caused the power outage?

After power is restored the Communications office may e-mail the campus community any pertinent outage information. Please refrain from contacting Campus Safety or New London Dispatch with inquires during the outage, as these offices are already busy with incoming calls.

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What if I need to get out of the dark?

There are a number of buildings on campus that have auxiliary power systems, those include:

  • Colgate Hall
  • Abbey Hall
  • Burpee Hall
  • Page Hall
  • Baird Health and Counseling Center
  • Library
  • Caretakers Cottage
  • Curtis Ivey Science Center
  • Ware Student Center
  • Best Hall

If weather conditions permit and it is safe to do so, students can use the Ware Student Center until the power is restored.

During long term power outages the College may set-up an emergency shelter for displaced students. Information regarding location and other details will be communicated using the CSCAlert system.

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What should I do with the electrical items in my room during a power outage?

In the event of an outage, turn off all computers, lights and appliances to avoid a surge on the system when power is restored.

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I still have questions about power outages at CSC, who do I call?

Please contact Campus Safety at (603)526-3675 if you have additional questions.

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