fire safety

Fire Safety Plan

The potential loss of life or injury from a fire related incident is one of the most serious risks on campuses. In addition, few occurrences represent a greater potential for property loss than a serious fire or explosion.

A fire or emergency can strike quickly and without warning. When the evacuation alarm sounds, or at an emergency responders request YOU MUST EXIT THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY. Failure to evacuate could result in injury to yourself or others, as well as institutional and/or criminal disciplinary action.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the building evacuation procedure.

Upon Discovering a Fire:

• Remove any person in immediate danger, and evacuate the area.

• Do not use the elevators!!

• Sound the fire alarm by activating the manual pull station located near the facility exits as you leave the building.

• Locate the nearest safe telephone and call 911 to report the exact location of the fire.

• Call Campus Safety at extension 3300 and report the location of the fire.

If You Are Not Able to Evacuate

If you are trapped on a floor or in a building, the following procedures should be followed.

• Feel all doorknobs you encounter before opening any door. If it is hot, do not open the door. Stay in that room.

A. Seal the cracks around the door with any available material.

B. Call 911 and let them know your location and that you are unable to exit.

C. Open the window a few inches for fresh air and hang an object out of the window to alert the fire department to your location.

D. Keep low to the floor and await evacuation by emergency personnel.

• If the doorknob is not hot, brace yourself behind the door and open it slightly. If heat or heavy smoke is present, close the door and stay in that room. Follow the procedures outlined in steps A - D above.

• If you are able to move around within the building, but can't exit, find a safe room farthest from the fire and follow the procedures outlined in steps A - D above.