bomb threats

If you observe a suspicious object or a potential bomb on campus do not handle the object! Leave the area and once you are safe immediately call Campus Safety at extension 3300.

Bomb Threats by Phone

Any person receiving a bomb threat by phone should do the following:

• Remain calm and try to get the following information:

• Where is the bomb located on campus? (which building)

• When is the bomb going to explode?

• What does it look like?

• Listen closely for any background noises.

• Any additional information relevant to the incident.

The person receiving a bomb threat by phone should record the following:

• Time of call.

• Estimate age and sex of caller. (adult or juvenile)

• Speech accent, slurred, etc.

• Emotional state of caller.

After receiving the information:

  1. Notify the Campus Safety office at Ext. 3300 and report the incident immediately.

  2. When the local building or an emergency exit alarm sounds, do not panic. Walk quickly to the nearest marked exit. Do not use the elevator!

  3. Campus Safety personnel will alert other employees of the emergency and assist the handicapped with exiting the building.

  4. Once outside, move to your designated assembly point. Keep quad roadways/streets, fire hydrants, and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.

  5. Do not return to an evacuated building until you are given an “All Clear” by emergency response personnel.