lockdown procedures

Room, Building, or Campus Room Lockdown Response

A Room Lockdown Response is used when it may be more dangerous to evacuate the building than to stay in the assigned rooms. Examples: Violent or potentially violent incident by an angry or deranged person or persons threatening with a gun or other deadly weapon; robbery in progress, etc. Community members will be alerted to a campus “Lockdown” status via text message, a computer connected to the college's network, e-mail, runner or other means available.

Room Lockdown Procedure

a. When a “Lockdown” alert is received announce “Lockdown” to your group.

b. Remain calm and stay with your group of students, faculty, staff, or visitors.

c. Receive students, faculty, staff and visitors from hallway (if possible).

d. Lock room doors and windows, barricade door if circumstances permit.

e. Close shades.

f. Move people away from doors and windows so they can't be seen.

g. Shut off lights.

h. Remain quiet (silence cell phones but do not shut them off).

i. Ignore Fire Alarm (contact 911 if you believe there is a fire danger).

j. Notify law enforcement (911) of the type of disturbance, its location, the number of people causing it, who is involved, any weapon presence, and your name. Provide as much information as possible.

k. If a gunshot is heard, keep people down near the floor and shielded under/behind room furniture as much as possible.

l. Maintain a calming influence over your group. Reassure students, faculty, staff, and visitors that everything possible is being done to return the situation to a normal condition.

m. Notify law enforcement (911) as soon as possible of any medical emergencies.

n. Remain in the secure room until released by law enforcement.

o. If gunshots are fired and fleeing is necessary, run away in a zigzag manner, not a straight line.

Building or Campus Lockdown Response

a. The decision to initiate a building or campus-wide Lockdown rests with Campus Safety and/or law enforcement.

b. A Lockdown consists of moving all students, faculty, staff, and visitors off the grounds and into the buildings, securing all entrances, and denying access to any unauthorized persons.

c. Always begin the Lockdown procedure immediately following notification to do so.

d. Cancel all outdoor activities until approved otherwise by law enforcement.

e. No person should leave a building under a Lockdown order.

f. The building or campus Lockdown is to remain in effect until cancelled by law enforcement.

g. Ensure all instructions issued by law enforcement are followed immediately.

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