intruder/suspicious person procedure

If an armed or threatening intruder comes on to Colby-Sawyer College property it is very important that faculty, staff and students report it immediately and take protective action. In the unlikely event this occurs, Colby-Sawyer College Department of Campus Safety recommends the following procedures:

If you see an armed intruder and you are in an office, classroom or residence hall:

• Remain in the classroom, office or residence hall room and immediately lock all doors.

• Call 911. Try to remain calm so you can give an accurate description of the person or person(s). Note type of dress, height, weight, sex, and any other characteristics/physical items that are particular to the individual(s). Report the type of weapon (if known) and direction of travel or building entered.

• If time permits contact the Colby-Sawyer College Department of Campus Safety and report the above information.

• Lock the windows and close blinds or curtains.

• Turn off lights and all audio equipment.

• Stay out of the open areas and be as quiet as possible.

• Move out of “eye shot” from windows (including the door).

• Try to remain as calm as possible.

• Keep classroom or office secure until emergency responders arrive and give directions.

If you are caught in an open or exposed area and you cannot get into a classroom, office or residence hall room you must decide upon a course of action:

Hiding: Look for a safe and secure hiding area. Once in place try and remain calm. Stay hidden until you can make contact with emergency personnel.

Running: If you think you can safely make it out of the area, then do so. If you decide to run , do not run in a straight line. Attempt to keep objects (trees, vehicles, trash cans, etc.) between you and the hostile person. When away from immediate area of danger, summon help and warn others.

Playing Dead: If the intruder is causing death or physical injury to others and you are un-able to run or hide you may choose to assume a prone position and lay as still as possible.

Fighting: Your last option if you are caught in the open and are in close proximity of the intruder is to fight back. This is dangerous and not recommended, but depending on your situation this could be your last option.

If you are caught by the intruder and are not going to fight back, obey all commands and avoid eye contact.

Once emergency personnel have arrived and taken over the situation, obey all commands.

Safety & Security Procedures

• Once notified of a hostile intruder the Colby-Sawyer College Department of Campus Safety will ensure law enforcement has been contacted.

• The College will then initiate the Emergency Management Plan.

• The college President will be notified and the Emergency Management Team will establish a command center.

• The Emergency Management Team in concert with the Incident Response Team will coordinate the campus response with local/state/federal authorities.