hazardous material spill

Reporting a Hazardous Material Spill or Release

Report spills/releases of hazardous chemicals, suspected gas leaks, or suspicious odors to Campus Safety at extension 3300. Campus Safety will notify the appropriate response personnel. Call 911 if the spill/release presents an imminent danger (injuries, fire or explosion).

Hazardous Material Spill or Release on College Property

• Evacuate the building/area immediately, and alert others to do the same.

• Seal off a spill/release in a building by closing the door to the area.

• Activate a fire alarm on the way out of the building if the spill presents an imminent danger such as, fire, explosion, injuries, etc. (DO NOT activate alarm when gas leak is suspected)

• Report the spill/release to Campus Safety and/or 911 from a safe location.

• Move to an area at least 500 feet upwind from affected building/area, and keep roadways, fire lanes, and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel. Instructors and supervisors have the responsibility of assuring that all students and staff have evacuated their classrooms and work areas.

• Return to building(s) only after being given the “all clear” by emergency response personnel.

Hazardous Material Spill or Release Off College Property

This section is referring to an airborne chemical release caused by a natural disaster or an industrial roadway accident occurring near College property.

• Seek shelter inside a building.

• Stay inside, do not evacuate buildings or "peek" outside buildings.

• Close all building doors and windows.

• Notify Facilities at extension 3699 to shut-off building ventilation.

• Wait for instructions from College official via the webpage, voicemail, e-mail or postings.

Minor Hazardous Material Spill

• Use appropriate personal protective equipment.

• Contain the spill.

• Clean up the spill using specific clean-up materials appropriate for the chemical(s) spilled.

• Dispose of the contaminated spill material by using the appropriate hazards disposal protocol.

Hazardous Materials Inventory & Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Know the location of department/division MSDS binder(s). Be familiar with the MSDS' and the potentially hazardous materials inventory contained in the binder(s).

Before handling any potentially hazardous material, read and understand the MSDS and product label, and follow special handling instructions to prevent chemical exposure and accidents.