building safety coordinator

The following individuals are designated to be Building Safety Coordinators:

• All Instructors

• Campus Safety Personnel

• Residential Education Staff

Building Safety Coordinators are to:

  1. Conduct a sweep of his/her assigned area - be certain that everyone has evacuated. Close doors once everyone has evacuated the area.

  2. Initiate evacuation procedures, as necessary.

  3. Close doors as areas are evacuated.

  4. Assist (or pre-designate someone to assist) with the extraction of any physically challenged personnel. If necessary, record the location of any individual who require emergency personnel to assist with the extraction.

  5. Be the last one out.

  6. Maintain an orderly evacuation.

  7. Record inappropriate actions (panic, use of elevators, etc.).

  8. Assemble personnel at a designated safe location and account for personnel.

  9. Record any missing personnel and their last known location.

  10. Document evacuation time.

  11. In the most minor of incidents, only Community Members with training in the use of fire extinguishers are permitted to actually fight a fire.