Assembly Points

Location............... Assembly Point

Abbey Hall------------In front of Burpee Hall

Austin Hall-----------In front of Burpee Hall

Baird Health----------In front of Colby Hall

Best Hall-------------In front of Sawyer Center

Burpee Hall-----------Pierce Park

Caretakers Cottage----In front of the Library

Colby Farm------------Behind the Ivey Science Center

Colby Hall------------In front of McKean Hall

Colgate Hall----------Pierce Park/front lawn

Curtis Ivey Science---In front of the Library/Colby Farm Driveway

Danforth Hall---------On walkway toward Mercer Hall

Facilities------------Side lot near van parking

Hogan-----------------In front of Reichhold

Homestead-------------Main Street sidewalk

James House-----------In front of Burpee Hall

Lawson Hall-----------Between Ware Campus Center and Abbey Hall

Library---------------In front of Curtis Ivey Science Center

Lodge-----------------Entrance to the Tennis Courts driveway

McKean Hall-----------In front of Colby Hall

Mercer Hall-----------In front of the Hogan Sports Center

Page Hall-------------In front of Colby Hall

President's House-----Main Street sidewalk

Reichhold-------------In front of Hogan Sports Center

Rooke Hall------------Between Ware Campus Center and Abbey Hall

Sawyer Center---------In front of Best Hall

Shepard Hall----------In front of Burpee Hall

Ware Campus Center----Upper: Pierce Park /Lower: behind Mercer Hall