project engrave

Project Engrave provides campus community members the use of engraving pens, free of charge, to mark and record all valuable property.

How it works:

Project Engrave discourages thieves because engraved items are:

  • Difficult to pawn
  • Easy to identify as stolen property
  • Easy to reclaim as your personal property because ownership is simple to prove.

The Program Is Easy:

Engraving pens are available through the Campus Safety Office. You should:

  • Engrave all your valuable items with a unique identifiable number.
  • Record these items on the property guide provided.
  • Register your unique identifiable number with Campus Safety.

What Items Should Be Engraved?

Computers, stereos, tools, bikes, televisions, cameras, radios, musical instruments, cars, telephones, typewriters, and anything else that's valuable to YOU!

One More Thing ...

The college is not responsible for lost or stolen property. You should check to see if your homeowners insurance covers your belongings while they are at Colby-Sawyer. Your insurance agent can tell you if you need to purchase additional coverage.