college van use requirements

Table Of Contents:

Driver/Department Responsibilities
Van Reservation Procedure
Van Assignment
Van Limitations
Van Charges
College Van Operation Policy
Accident/Incident Review Policy

Vehicle Pick-Up and Return


College owned or leased 15-passenger vans can be reserved by Colby-Sawyer College students, faculty and staff for college functions.

Faculty and Staff who would like to reserve a College vehicle should contact the administrative assistant from their area who will reserve a van through the EMS system.

Students wanting to reserve a van for a College sanctioned function should contact Administrative Coordinator Kristin Tupper at x3759.

Individuals reserving a van are required to provide the following information:

  • Tile of event
  • Date(s) van is needed
  • How many vans will be needed- vans carry 15 passengers including the driver
  • Travel destination (town, state)
  • Start time (pick-up time)
  • End time (return time)
  • Name of driver-Operators must be certified (see below)
  • Van configuration-seats needed to be removed to accommodate luggage etc;
  • Advisor or trip sponsor

Once the reservation is entered into the College's reservation system a confirmation email will be sent to the requestor. Back To Top

Vans will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis as determined by receipt of a completed vehicle requisition form by Campus Safety. If requests exceed Colby-Sawyer College owned vans, additional vans will be rented as needed.
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Trips involving round-trip travel of 400 or more miles will require that no more than two vans be used for a single-destination trip. Groups of more than 30 students are required to use charter buses. There must be a minimum of one certified driver per every 400 miles, no more than 16 hours of continuous travel is allowed, and a driver must rest for one hour for every four consecutive hours of driving. A driver may not drive more than eight hours a day. The requester's Vice President may make exceptions to this limitation. The Vice President should send a letter of authorization to Campus Safety prior to van pick-up.
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The department or organization that requests a van is responsible for the mileage lease charges and any other costs. The cost for using a CSC van is .40 per mile. If all CSC vans are in use rental vans are available through Campus Safety at an additional cost of $75.00 per day plus .40 per mile. Back To Top

Colby-Sawyer College owned van request cancellations must be made at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Rented vans must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. All cancellations must be reported to Campus Safety to avoid any charges. NO SHOWS will be charged a flat fee of $20.00. NO SHOWS, which result in the unnecessary leasing of vans, will also be charged for the rental cost of the van.
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Vans, which are left in a condition that will not allow them to be immediately reused, will result in a minimum $25.00 clean-up fee. Vans will be maintained, fueled and inspected by members of the Facilities Department prior to each departure. Facilities will contact Campus Safety and the applicable department in writing with any additional charges.
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Maximum passenger load is 14 per van, not including the driver. When determining the number of vehicles you'll require, please take into consideration any additional equipment that passengers may also be taking with them. Leave enough room for comfort and safety.
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Only students, faculty, and staff are eligible to apply for college vehicle operation. To operate a college vehicle, the driver must do the following:

  1. Submit a completed *CSC Driver Application to Campus Safety

  2. Submit a state **Motor Vehicle Operator Record Request form to Campus Safety

  3. Complete the online 15-passenger van safety course

  4. Complete a van driver orientation through the CSC Facilities department (extension 3699).

All of the above steps must be successfully completed before Campus Safety will authorize a driver to operate a Colby-Sawyer College 15-passenger van. Applicants will not be certified if they have more than 6 traffic violation demerit points under New Hampshire law, have been cited for an accident in the past 24 months or have been convicted of a major traffic violation, such as driving under the influence. Colby-Sawyer College reserves the right to revoke College vehicle operator privileges at any time and without prior notice.

Once approved, driver authorization remains in effect for two years. It's the responsibility of the van operator to keep their records current. To do so, drivers must submit a newly completed *CSC Driver Application and state *Motor Vehicle Operator Record Request form to Campus Safety prior to the end of their second year. Previously certified drivers DO NOT have to retake the Van Operator Defensive Driving Course or orientation.

*Forms and materials can be obtained at the Campus Safety office, James House, Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm).

**Due to the increased cost of performing motor vehicle record (MVR) checks, starting July 1st 2015 Campus Safety will be charging back to departments the associated fees for this service. The price to perform MVR checks varies state to state but for budgeting purposes please estimate $16.00 per request. We will invoice the applicable department/club as the MVRs are requested.


  1. Only CSC approved drivers may operate college vehicles.

  2. All student passengers must sign an Assumption of Risk and Release Roster form and include their emergency contact information prior to boarding a CSC van. It is the responsibility of the van driver to ensure the forms have been completed and turned into Campus Safety prior to departing.

  3. The driver is responsible for operating the vehicle in compliance with all state and local driving regulations and posted speed limits. Unsafe operation of college vehicles may result in the temporary or permanent revocation of driving privileges for all college vehicles.

  4. Operation of any college vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited and will result in the revocation of driving privileges and be subject to disciplinary action.

  5. Transportation of alcohol or other drugs in any College vehicle is prohibited.

  6. A Campus Safety Officer, Supervisor, or Communication Specialist may deny issuance of any College vehicle and/or keys to any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. In such a case, an incident report will be generated and forwarded to the Director of Campus Safety and the appropriate Department head.

  7. The use of tobacco products in a college van is not permitted.

  8. The driver or requesting department is responsible for all parking charges, tolls, parking and/or moving violations and fuel charges. (fuel tanks will be full prior to leaving campus).

  9. Due to limited height clearance, college vans may not be parked or driven in parking garages.

  10. College vehicles may not be parked at a driver's residence without prior approval of the Department Head or Supervisor.
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  1. Any incident involving a College vehicle must be reported to Campus Safety immediately. This includes any motor vehicle accident (regardless of lack of damage), any traffic or parking violation received or any damage noted to a college vehicle, regardless of whether the cause is known or unknown.

  2. The reporting person should complete a "Statement Form" at the Campus Safety office detailing the accident or incident including the following:
    ¨ Day, date and time
    ¨ Location (be specific)
    ¨ Make, model and plate number of all vehicles involved
    ¨ Names and phone numbers of any passengers and witnesses
    ¨ How the incident occurred
    ¨ Name and department of any emergency personnel responding

  3. The Director of Campus Safety will forward the report to the Vice President for Administration to determine any further action.

  4. The driver and the responsible supervisor will be notified of a decision.

  5. If it is determined that the accident or incident was avoidable. the driver may be subject to one of the following corrective actions:
    ¨ Suspension of driving privileges for a special time and review of the "College Vehicle Use Policies and Procedure".
    ¨ Revocation of driving privileges-must attend an approved driving training class prior to the reinstatement of privileges.
    The level of corrective action will depend upon the driver's driving history and the seriousness of the incident.

  6. Appeals for suspension or revocation must be submitted in writing to the Director of Campus Safety within 7 days of the action. The Director of Campus Safety will review appeals with the Director of Human Resources if the incident involved employees of the college and the Vice President for Student Development where a student driver is involved. A determination will be issued within 7 days of the appeal.

  7. In addition to corrective action, the department utilizing the vehicle will be charged for any repairs not covered by insurance. Cost of the repairs will be billed separately from the mileage invoice.
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  1. Van keys and clipboards with the vehicle requisition form should be picked up at the Campus Safety office prior to departure by an approved driver prior to 4 PM during weekdays (where possible). Alternate van pick-up scheduling should be coordinated through Campus Safety prior to the reserved departure time to prevent delays. After the driver receives the keys and form, s/he will pick up the vans from the Facilities building parking area located behind the New London Mini-Mart (Main Street).

  2. Vehicle keys and requisition form must be picked up at Campus Safety. Keys will not be issued prior to requested pick up time unless prior arrangements have been made.

  3. Only the authorized driver may pick up the keys.

  4. The driver must supply completed and fully executed Assumption of Risk and Release Roster forms for all student passengers prior to leaving campus. This form must have the signatures and emergency contact information of all students who are riding in the van.

  5. The driver must show a valid driver's license at the time the keys are signed out. Anyone operating a college vehicle must have a valid driver's license in his/her possession at all times.
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  1. Park all returning vans in the designated Facilities parking area.

  2. Complete the driver's section of the Confirmation form, record the starting and ending mileage, fuel levels, and vehicle condition.

  3. Remove any trash or property left behind by passengers.

  4. Lock the van and bring the completed form with clipboard and keys to the Campus Safety office. When the service window is not staffed, please place the keys in the lock box mounted on the wall to the left of the service window and the clipboard in the box below.

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