15-Passenger Van Operator Training

Thanks for your interest to become a 15-passenger van operator at Colby-Sawyer College. A 15-passenger van behaves much differently from a passenger car. Most people do not know that 15-passenger vans are more likely to roll over than any other type of vehicle. Understanding and using safe van-driving techniques will drastically reduce the risk that you or your passengers will suffer injury or even death. After taking this course, you will; understand the differences between driving a 15-passenger van and driving a car, describe effective driving preparation strategies, select safe and appropriate van driving techniques and identify procedures to safely conclude your trip.

To take the online training:

Step 1: Go to the: 15 Passenger Van Training site

Step 2: Sign-In using your CSC email address as the login name and “password” as the password

Step 3: At the welcome page, under assignment, click on the blue play button next to “15 Passenger Van Safety, PS4 elesson”. Watch the video and answer the brain teasers. At the conclusion of the video you will return to the welcome page. Under assignments, click on the blue arrow next to “15 passenger Van Safety Test, PS4 elesson”. Complete the 20 question test.

Step 4: Upon successful completion of the course forward the PDF formatted diploma to cssafety@colby-sawyer.edu.

Step 5: After Campus Safety receives your diploma, the CSC Facilities Department heatherb@colby-sawyer.edu will contact you to arrange for a 15-passenger van orientation.