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Table of Contents:

How To Order
Summer and Recess Periods
Roadways and Parking Lots
Snow Emergency Parking/Snow Plowing
Liability, Responsibility, and Enforcement Powers
Information for Alleged Violators
Please Remember ...


Our highest priority is accessibility for fire safety and other emergency vehicles necessary for the protection of people and property. By following these policies and procedures and registering vehicles with the Campus Safety Department, individuals are helping to protect the well being of everyone. In addition, Colby-Sawyer's welcome to handicapped persons, prospective students and visitors to the campus for library use, events and services is improved when everyone respects the parking policies and procedures.

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If you are an incoming student this fall, please note that parking permit registration begins in June. Please return to the site at that time.

Students, guests or employees who wish to have a *vehicle on campus must register their vehicle(s) in order to avoid penalties. Students and employees can register on-line by going to, where you will be prompted through the process. Requests are filled on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Guest's vehicles are the responsibility of the hosting student or employee. Students, Faculty and/or Staff hosting guests should obtain a visitor parking tag from the Campus Safety office located in James House. Please notify Campus Safety if you discontinue using a registered vehicle. There is no additional charge for changing your vehicle registration, or for summer/ recess parking.

*Vehicles that can not be registered by the state for highway use such as electric scooters, go carts, ATVs, or other off highway recreational vehicles are not permitted on campus.

Registration fees are as follows:

Resident Students Traditional/Non-Traditional Housing: $100.00 (plus $4.95 for shipping and handling) The charge will appear on the credit card statement as SCAPAY.

Commuter Students: Fee waived. (there is a $4.95 shipping and handling charge) The charge will appear on the credit card statement as SCAPAY.

Guests: Temporary permit are available for up to seven days at no charge. Guests vehicles are the responsibility of the hosting student or employee. Guests must park in designated visitor spaces. If a space can not be found, please contact the Campus Safety office to receive instructions on where to park.

Employees: Fee waived.

Parking fees are not prorated or otherwise adjusted for periods in which the holder does not use his or her parking privileges. Please report stolen or missing decals to Campus Safety immediately.

In an effort to make registering personal vehicles more convenient, Colby-Sawyer College has instituted an on-line parking management system through ThePermitStore . Students, faculty and staff may now register their vehicles, review parking policies and procedures, appeal parking tickets, and pay fines from a computer terminal.

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How to order:

When first visiting ThePermitStore please enter Colby-Sawyer College as your parking destination. Once you reach the CSC page click the “apply” button. After reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions you'll be directed to provide an e-mail address and password. You'll be prompted through the rest of the registration process so please have the following information available:

Personal Info - Name, address, e-mail, and the last five (5) digits of your social security number.

Vehicle Info - Vehicle make, model, year, color, and license plate number.

Payment - Credit card or other form of payment.

After the application is approved a parking permit will be sent in the mail in 2-3 weeks.

For security reasons once the decal is received, the applicant should return to ThePermitStore to activate the permit. After the permit is activated, the decal must be applied to the driver's side lower corner of the vehicle's windshield.

By ordering a permit online, time is saved and delays avoided that could otherwise occur when applying in person. Community members without internet access can purchase a decal over the telephone by contacting iParq directly at 805-963-9400 between 11:30 AM and 8:00 PM eastern standard time.

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Summer And Recess Periods

When students are away from campus, College employees may park in student areas with out risk of penalty. Accessibility, handicapped, prospective student, visitor, and Hogan Sports Center patron parking privileges and priorities remain in effect at all times with one exception; visitor spaces on Lot A (not including the spaces directly in front of Colgate Hall) may be used by College employees.

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Roadways and Parking Lots

  1. All quad roadways are designated "No Parking-Tow Zones," except when vehicles are being actively loaded or unloaded.
  2. When loading or unloading, please display your hazard lights and limit your activity to 15 minutes.
  3. Please refrain from parking on corners (including the curb area around Colgate and Shepard Halls), walkways, and all grass areas.
  4. Posted parking spaces (e.g. 30 Minute, Reserved, etc.) are always in effect.
  5. Visitors may park in lot A (the loop) or Lot D. Visitors should register their vehicles with Campus Safety located in James House immediately upon arrival.
  6. Resident Students parking assignments are as follows:
    • K decal holders must park in lot K (Mercer Field)or lot P (across from Windy Hill) exclusively. Parking elsewhere on campus at any time is prohibited.
    • R/S decal holders may park in lots:
    • (I) Seamans Road (F) Behind Abbey Hall (M) Near the Lodge.
    • R/S decal holders may also park on weekends and overnight, Monday through Friday, from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. in:
    • (C) Off Main Street (H) Sawyer Arts Center (J) Baird Health and Counseling Center (L) Rooke Hall R/S Student vehicles must be removed from C, H, J, and L by 7 a.m. on weekdays. Student parking in Lot E (adjacent to Colgate Hall) and Lot G (behind Ware Student Center) at any time is prohibited.
  7. Commuter Students will be issued a CS decal and must utilize parking area (B) James House and (D) Hogan Sports Center.
  8. Non-Traditional Housing Students (White House, Yellow House, Red House, etc.) will be issued a NTH decal and must utilize parking for either their assigned house, lot (B) James House or lot (D) Hogan Sports Center.
  9. Hogan Sports Center Patrons may use the reserved patron spaces at the north end of Lot D (these are intended for senior patrons), or the remainder of Lot D. Hogan Sports Center patrons may also use the Lot A (Loop). All Hogan Sports Center members must display a parking permit hang tag from their vehicle's rearview mirror. A permit can be obtained from the Hogan Sports Center's front desk.
  10. Employees may park in Lots: (C) Off Main Street, (D) Hogan Sports Center (except reserved patron spaces), (E) Shepard Hall, (G) Ware Student Center, (H) Sawyer Arts Center, (J) Baird Center, and (L) Rooke Hall. On weekends, and from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., Monday through Friday, (A) Loop may also be used. Please refrain from parking in the Hogan Sports Center reserved patron spaces when exercising your Hogan Sports Center benefit.

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Snow Emergency Parking/Snow Plowing

The College strives to keep campus roadways clear for safety and other emergency vehicles at all times. Individuals are responsible for paying attention to the weather, even if not they are not planning to use their vehicles. New Hampshire snowfalls are unpredictable in their duration and intensity. Therefore, from Thanksgiving to April 1 a snow emergency period is in effect. During this time individuals must be on the alert for snow-removal notices which will tell them when lots are to be plowed. Notices will be posted on the Ware Campus Center entrance doors and bulletin boards, residence hall exits, and a campus-wide voice-mail message will be sent (if time permits).

  • Upon notice, individuals should note the time their assigned lot is to be plowed and move their vehicle by the times posted to any other authorized area (except handicapped parking areas). Individuals should also keep checking the progress of the plowing so they can return their vehicle to their designated area as soon as the plowing is completed.

  • Individuals may designate a friend to move their vehicle if they will be off-campus during the snow emergency period, or they may make arrangements with a member of the college staff. Campus Safety Officers may not respond to such a request because of the priority of other commitments during the emergency period.

  • If it is necessary for others to move an individuals vehicle to allow for plowing, they assume responsibility for any damage done to your vehicle, as well as the responsibility for any towing fees. At the descretion of the Campus Safety Officer in charge of plowing, an individual's vehicle may be towed if it is hindering the plowing efforts.

  • Vehicles that block campus roadways will be towed.

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Liability, Responsibility, And Enforcement Powers

  1. Use of a vehicle on campus is a privilege, not a right. The College reserves the right to terminate vehicle privileges at any time through the Director of Campus Safety.

  2. Registering your vehicle does not guarantee a parking space, but permits you to use the available campus parking resources.

  3. Students and employees are responsible for advising guests about parking policies and for paying ticket fines incurred by their guests.

  4. Campus Safety Officers have full authority to direct all matters pertaining to vehicles on campus.

  5. The Campus Safety Department has the responsibility and the authority for enforcement of College policies.

  6. Campus Safety Officers may suspend and/or modify any or all-parking policies in case of emergency or to support events occurring on campus.

  7. Colby-Sawyer College is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles parked or present on College property at any time.

  8. Colby-Sawyer College in not responsible for any damage that occurs to vehicles during towing, storage, or expenses that result from towing or storage.

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Information for Alleged Violators

Transmission of this information, the posting of traffic signs and road surface markings, and an individuals presence on private property all constitute notice that policies exist for vehicle use on campus property. It is the individual's responsibility to know and abide by College policies. When unregistered vehicles, or vehicles otherwise in violation of parking policies and procedures are discovered, enforcement is carried out by ticketing, towing, loss of vehicle privileges, and/or withholding grades/transcripts, and/or delaying the release of College funds due to you.

  • Ticket fines are $25.00 each and should be paid within fourteen days of the date on the ticket. Fines must be paid before the end of any semester. Fines may be paid at the Finance Office or online in

  • Towing is carried out by private garages, which operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once a vehicle is hooked to the tow truck, the full towing fee must be paid, even if the owner appears on the spot to claim his/her vehicle. All towing is at the expense of the person to whom the vehicle is registered. After 24 hours, private garages may also assess storage charges. Payment in full for the expense of towing and/or storage must be made directly to the private towing garage in order to reclaim a towed vehicle.

  • Loss of campus vehicle privileges may occur at any time if a vehicle violation endangers life or property, or if a vehicle has six or more violations within an academic year. Reinstatement is unlikely.

  • Grade/transcript withholding occurs when fines remain unpaid after fourteen days from the date of issue posted on the ticket or remains unpaid before the end of any semester. Payment in full at the Finance Office will allow for the release of grades/transcripts within two working days.

  • Parking fines must be paid before community members are allowed to renew parking registration. Students separating from the college will have outstanding parking violations deducted from their $500 college deposit.

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Individuals wishing to appeal a vehicle violation must do so on-line through ThePermitStore within fourteen days of the date posted on the ticket. Appeals received after fourteen days will not be considered. Appeals should include the alleged violator's interpretation of the event(s).

The Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) is comprised of two students approved by the Student Government Association and an employee affirmed by the Senior Officers of the College. The PAC will make a ruling within twenty working days of receipt of an appeal. The ruling of the PAC is final. Campus Safety staff are not members of PAC, however, persons considering an appeal are welcome to confer with the Director of Campus Safety regarding past PAC rulings.

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Please Remember

Individual's park on campus and at area park and ride lots at their own risk. Please lock your vehicle. Colby-Sawyer College shall not be liable for any risk, or loss of, or damage to, property of individuals, including vehicles or the contents therein, which may result from the use of campus parking services or facilities.

Parking permits are the property of Colby-Sawyer College. Permits are issued based on the applicant's College status, therefore:

  • Permit is not transferable to another party
  • Permit is valid only on vehicles assigned to it
  • Please report lost or stolen permits promptly

Please drive safely.