Lock Out/Lock Change Policy and Charges

Colby-Sawyer College Lock Out Policy:

Students should keep their doors locked at all times. Students who are locked out of their room should contact Campus Safety and request assistance. During the hours when Residential Education staff members are on duty, Campus Safety will attempt to contact a Resident Assistant (RA) and request assistance for the student. The RA will verify the identity of the requesting student (if unknown) and unlock the student's assigned room. During hours when Residential Education is not on duty, an RA is unreachable or the student resides in a CSC lease property, Campus Safety will provide access. In all cases Campus Safety will record the student's name and date of the request so an accurate count can be maintained.

Faculty and Staff who are locked out of their space should first contact their Administrative Assistant for access. If no one from their area is available to assist they should contact Campus Safety for access.

Lock Out Charges:

One free lock out is permitted each academic year. A lock out fee of $10 will be assessed for each lock out after the first has been logged. The lock out charges will be applied to the student's CSC Smartcard account at the end of each month. Students without a CSC Smartcard account will have their College account billed.

Colby-Sawyer College Lock Change Policy:

At Colby-Sawyer College the safety of our community members and visitors is a top priority. The loss or theft of a key is considered a security risk, as anyone who finds it is then able to access buildings and/or rooms. Therefore, lost keys should be reported to Campus Safety immediately. For the safety of all campus community members, a lost key will always result in a lock change.

Lock Change Charges:

Colby-Sawyer College uses a proprietary patented lock system making unauthorized key duplication improbable. Charges for lock/key replacement are based on the cost of materials and the labor required to change any of the locks potentially impacted by the missing key(s).

The residential student cost for lock changes is as follows: $35.00 for a single; $45.00 for a double; $55.00 for a triple and $65.00 for a quad. Additional costs may be incurred for apartments and lease properties. Immediately after the lock change has been completed Campus Safety will issue an invoice to the responsible party through CSC campus mail. The invoice should be paid at the Financial Services office in Colgate Hall during regular business hours with a check, CSC Smartcard or Credit Card. Charges not paid within 14 days will be added to the student's college account.

The cost of lock changes for employees who have lost an assigned key is predicated on the kind of key(s) that were lost and the number of locks impacted. The department who employs the individual who lost the key will be billed and is responsible for all related charges.