workplace threats and violence policy

Policy Statement

Colby-Sawyer College will provide, insofar as possible, an environment that is safe, secure, and free from threats, intimidation, and violence. To promote an atmosphere that encourages learning and productive employment, quick responsive action will be taken if violence or threat of violence arises.

Dealing With Threats and Violence

Individuals should notify Campus Safety at X-3300, of any threats that have occurred, particularly threats or behavior they have witnessed or been subject to. Such behavior should be reported regardless of the personal or professional relationship between the apparent perpetrator and victim. Any person experiencing or witnessing imminent danger or actual violence involving weapons or personal injury should call 911.

Any person who makes threats or engages in violent behavior while on property owned or controlled by the college may be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits. They may be required to remain off college premises pending the outcome of an investigation. Any college student, faculty or staff member who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with college policies and procedures applicable to students, faculty and staff.

It is recognized that there may be activities related to the educational mission of the college (e.g., physical fitness activities or theatrical productions) that may appear to violate the letter but not the intent of this policy. In such cases, the department or organization coordinating the activity is responsible for obtaining written approval from their area Vice-President or his/her designee, in advance, to conduct the activity. A copy of the approval should be submitted to the Department of Campus Safety prior to the event. Such approval may extend for up to one year at a time.

Internal Sanctions

Appropriate internal sanctions may be imposed for violation of this policy. The sanctions will depend on the circumstances and gravity of the violation, and may range from reprimand to college non-contact orders, dismissal, expulsion or termination. The decision to impose sanctions and procedures for imposing them shall conform as follows:

In the case of employees, to the provisions of the sections on Separation, Employee Relations and/or Workplace Safety of the Colby-Sawyer College Employee Handbook

In the case of students, to the provisions of the section on community Standards of Conduct as defined in the Code of Community Responsibility

Protective Order/Restraining Orders

A restraining order or protective order is a legal order issued by a state court which requires one person to stop harming another. All individuals who apply for or obtain a temporary or permanent Protective Order or Restraining Order listing any Colby-Sawyer College location as a protected area must provide Campus Safety with a copy of the order. The Campus Safety Department understands the sensitivity of this information and respects the privacy of the reporting person. Procedures are in place to maintain the confidentiality of the information

College Interim Non-Contact Order

The College uses interim non-contact orders with students as a means to deescalate situations, prevent crimes and/or to improve the possibilities to interfere with harassment or conflict. An interim non-contact order means that in order to protect the safety, health, freedom or peace of a student or the campus community, another student may be ordered not to contact him/her. An interim non-contact order may be imposed also when the student protected by the order and the student on whom the non-contact order is imposed live in the same residence hall. A college interim non-contact order can be applied for by any student who justifiably feels himself/herself threatened or harassed by another student. Also a Campus Safety Officer may enact an interim non-contact order if s/he feels the person threatened is too frightened or unable to do it himself/herself


Questions concerning this policy or its intent should be directed to the Director of Campus Safety at x-3675.

Other Campus Resources

The following additional contacts are available to members of the campus community who have questions or concerns about threats or violent behavior on college premises. These contacts can provide information about established guidelines and procedures for dealing with and preventing threats and violent behavior. In the exercise of their function, these contacts will maintain the greatest degree of confidentiality consistent with their responsibilities as college representatives.

  • Vice-President of Student Development and Dean of Students, x-3754
  • Associate Dean of Students, x-3752
  • Director of Human Resources, x-3741
  • Director of Baird Health and Counseling Center, x-3621