art history program

Merit Scholarships…

Art and Graphic Design students are eligible to apply for merit awards at any point, including prior to being accepted.

Internships & Careers…

Colby-Sawyer Art students have interned with museums and art centers, advertising agencies, publishers, and design studios throughout the United States.

Clubs & Organizations…

Singing, theater and other groups are open to Art students and others interested in participating.

Art Faculty…

All of our Art faculty members share a teaching philosophy which emphasizes respect for personal expression and individual creativity.

B.A. in Art History

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History is intended for students considering a career in museum curatorship or education, historic preservation, art conservation or a related historical field.

Why study art history? Because visual culture — painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, design, digital imagery, film and more — constantly surrounds us all. Art and architecture have responded to and shaped significant historical events, projected and constructed social meaning, and enriched human experience across cultural and geographical boundaries.

Art historians explore the visual, formal characteristics of art and the built environment within the larger cultural context of different historical periods. We investigate how and why art has been created, and how and why it is used and interpreted by its creators.

This investigation of art's history is vital both to creative studio work and to the liberal arts educational model. Students of art history will be empowered to interpret the visual culture of the world in a more thoughtful, perceptive way.

You will develop skills of deductive reasoning, critical thinking and writing and public speaking, all of which are valuable assets beyond the study of art history. Should you pursue an art history degree, you will gain essential preparation for graduate study and a career in fields such as museum curatorship or education, historic preservation, art conservation, teaching or a related art historical pursuit.

Please see the college catalog for specific requirements.

Minor in Art History

The minor in Art History can be combined with any baccalaureate degree and is designed to add a rich dimension to any major. Understanding art via historical perspectives, adding the knowledge of contemporary art, and employing interdisciplinary approaches to making art are important mechanisms that move our students toward becoming intellectually vibrant individuals.

Please see the college catalog for specific requirements.

Capstone Project

Every senior completes a Capstone project, a culmination of work in their fields of study that allows them to demonstrate a deep understanding of a body of knowledge and perspectives informed by that knowledge. Students display and discuss their Capstone projects with the college community and area residents during the Susan Colby Colgate Scholars Symposium each spring.