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Basic Information

What is Adventures in Learning (AIL)?

Created in 1998, Adventures in Learning is a community-based program of educational enrichment for adults with access to the Kearsarge-Lake Sunapee region. Sponsored by Colby-Sawyer College, Adventures in Learning provides a peer learning experience for those with a vigorous interest in the world of ideas and for those who wish to continue their intellectual growth in an informal setting.

What are the office hours for AIL? Where is the AIL office located on campus?

Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – noon

Our office is located in the Colby Homestead, the white building on Main Street to the right of the entrance to the parking area for the Dan and Kathleen Hogan Center. As you face Colby Homestead, the AIL entrance is on the far left of the building.

How do I find AIL on the Internet?

The Adventures in Learning home page can be accessed using any search engine, such as Google, at Also, you can access AIL from the Colby-Sawyer College homepage. Click here.
On the Colby-Sawyer homepage, click on Adventures in Learning in the listing under QUICK LINKS.


Who can join?

Individuals seeking life-long education, intellectual stimulation and the rewards that come from education may join.

Do I have to become an AIL member to take courses and What does an annual membership cost?

Yes, for fall, winter and spring terms. For the summer term ONLY, non-members can take courses, but at a slightly higher fee than members.

A membership costs $40 per academic year.

What is the academic year?

July 1 – June 30

How do I become a member?

You can access and print a copy of the membership application on the Adventures in Learning website at You may submit the application with your check by mail to Adventures in Learning, Attention: Marianne Harrison, Colby-Sawyer College, 541 Main Street, New London, NH 03257, or in person at the Adventures in Learning office located in the Colby Homestead, the white building on Main Street to the right of the entrance to the parking area for the Dan and Kathleen Hogan Center.

What does an annual membership include?

In addition to giving you access to all courses and activities offered in the AIL program, you may present your membership card at the front desk of the Dan and Kathleen Hogan Sports Center on the Colby-Sawyer campus to receive three (3) free guest passes. These passes may be used any time during the current academic year and offer you or your guest the use of a running/walking track, a six-lane swimming pool, an aerobics studio and racquet sports courts, and the Elizabeth Kind Van Cise Fitness Center.

How can I get my name on the AIL general mailing list?

Please call the AIL office at (603)526.3690, email Marianne Harrison at, or stop by the AIL office.


How much does an individual course cost?

$45 per 5-8 week full course in fall, winter and spring terms;
$30 per 3-4 week Minicourse in fall, winter, spring and summer terms for members;
$35 per 3-4 week course in summer for non-members

When and where are classes held?

Classes are held during the day at various venues in our immediate area. For a list of venues and directions, please click on the following link:

Who are the instructors and what are their qualifications?

Our course leaders are volunteers who possess a passion for the particular
subject matter included in their course.

How do I find out about courses each term? How does AIL advertise?

Course catalogs are printed for each term and are mailed to our general mailing list. Courses are listed in the Kearsarge Shopper and Radio Shopper prior to the start of each term. Each term's course catalog is posted on the Adventures in Learning website prior to the start of each term. The current catalog can be accessed at:

Once I have mailed in a registration form for a course or courses, how and when do I find out if I am registered for the course?

If we are unable to register you for your first choice(s), we will contact you shortly after receiving your registration form. If you do not hear from us, you may assume that you are enrolled in all the courses you requested. Depending on how you have asked us to communicate with you, you will receive either an e-mail notification or a notification by U.S. mail of your course confirmation approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes.

What is the AIL policy if a course is oversubscribed?

Approximately one week after the catalogs are mailed each term a lottery will be held to randomly select the participants for any course that is oversubscribed at that time. We will call you if we are unable to enroll you in your first choice(s).

Is there any discount offered if I register for two or more courses in a single fall, winter or spring term?

Yes. If you are registered for two or more courses in a single fall, winter or spring term, you may sign up for an additional course in that term at no cost.
Placement in these free-choice courses will be made as space permits on a first come, first serve basis. Note: this option is not available in the summer term.

May I attend a class if I am not registered, or may I bring a guest to a class in which I am registered?

Many of our courses are oversubscribed and have a waiting list. As a courtesy to our membership and to our course leaders, please remember that attendance in all courses is reserved ONLY for those members who have registered and have been enrolled in the course.

Study Group Leaders

How do I become a Study Group Leader?

Study Group Proposal forms are available online at

Course proposals should be submitted as Word documents to Marianne Harrison at This is the preferred method. You may, however, deliver a hard copy to Marianne Harrison in the Adventures in Learning office.

If I have an idea for a new course, whom do I contact?

Suggestions for new course topics should be made via email to Marianne Harrison at


What is the inclement weather policy?

Adventures in Learning follows the Kearsarge Regional School District policy closures and delays. For information on the district's cancellations, call (603)526-2051 ext. 224. If a question remains about a class cancellation, please call your study group leader.

How do I contact AIL for more information?

Click on to send your e-mail to Marianne Harrison.