board of directors

The Adventures in Learning board of directors is responsible for implementing the educational objectives of the program. The 2014-2015 board members, elected at the annual meeting on May 15, 2014, are as follows:


Julie Machen

Vice President

Van Crawford


Dan Schneider


Tom Stark


Betsy Boege
Sheldon Boege
Dick Cavallaro
John Ferries
Joanna Henderson
Joyce Kellogg
Chuck Kennedy
Gene Lariviere
Mike Moss
Les Norman
Deb Rucci
Pat Stewart
Aarne Vesilind
Brenda Watts

The 2014-2015 board members pictured below in back row, L to R: Dick Cavallaro, Les Norman, Tom Stark, Gene Lariviere, Sheldon Boege. Middle row, L to R: Joanna Henderson, Brenda Watts, Deb Rucci, Betsy Boege, Joyce Kellogg, John Ferries and Dan Schneider. Seated L to R: Van Crawford, Julie Machen, Pat Stewart and Aarne Vesilind.

Adventures in Learning Past Presidents

Italics indicate deceased

Founder and 1st president: Charles Carey

2nd president: Peter Q. McKee

3rd president: John C. Callahan, Jr.

4th president: Richard Cogswell

5th president: Elizabeth F. Boege

6th president: Arthur M. Rosen

7th president: Morris Edwards

8th president: Joanna Henderson