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Maggie Robinson - Class of '15

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Exeter, NH

Extracurricular Activities: The Psychology Club.

My favorite spot on campus is the Quad. I like this place because you can enjoy being outdoors and have access to other students on campus. I will always remember the times when my friends and I have sat out on the quad on a blanket to do homework or just enjoy the sun.

My favorite thing about Colby-Sawyer is the small classroom size. I love that I am able to have a personal relationship with each of my professors. I have been able to be extremely successful academically due to the small classroom size and wonderful faculty members.

Anjali Schutt - Class of '15

Major: Exercise & Sports Science
Hometown: Canton, MA

Extracurricular Activities: Orientation leader, ESS club, Intramural teams like soccer, volleyball and floor hockey!

One of the ways I am always learning is through my involvement with other students at Colby-Sawyer College! The people here are amazing and so diverse that I find that I am always learning just by hearing students thoughts in class or talking to other students in the dining hall!

My favorite spot on campus is directly behind the library. I love this spot because it is where my orientation leader took the group my first year at CSC and it is where I have taken my groups the past 3 years of me being an orientation leader. The views are just incredible and relaxing!

What do you love about Colby-Sawyer College? I love how comfortable and at home I feel at Colby-Sawyer!

Chelsea Smith - Class of '16

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Belmont, NH

Extracurricular Activities: Student Nurses Association, Varsity Track & Field.

One of the ways I am always learning is through my involvement with SNA as a mentor to underclassmen nursing students.

My favorite spots on campus is the brand new track facility at the Kelsey Athletics Complex because besides the breathtaking views of the mountains from the track, being part of a sports team here at Colby-sawyer is a great way to compete competitively as a collegiate athlete and meet new friends!

What do you love about Colby-Sawyer College? I love that Colby-Sawyer is so small. It allows for my professors to get to know me on a first name basis and they are very willing to help and offer guidance with anything that I need whether its class related or personal.

Dan Stadden - Class of '17

Major: Exercise Science (Minor: Pshycology)
Hometown: Brunswich, ME

Extracurricular Activities: Colby-Sawyer Singers, CSC RIFFED, Exercise and Sports Sciences Majors Club, Campus Activities Board.

One of the ways I am always learning is through my involvement with CSC RIFFED, our school's new A Capella group!

Favorite spots on campus? You can frequently find me in our game room, because I LOVE playing pool!

What do you love about Colby-Sawyer College? I love the ability to explore my passions and become a standout in the community built on this beautiful campus.

Hermella Tekle - Class of '16

Major: History & Political Studies (Minor: International Studies, Legal Studies w/ Pre-Law Track)
Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Extracurricular Activities: Student Senator for Student Government Association (SGA), President of Class of 2016 (currently running for second term), Vice President of Model United Nation, Leadership team for Interfaith Club.

One of the ways I am always learning is through my involvement with SGA. As the President of my class, I have learned to have effective communication skills and also develop my leadership skills.

My favorite spots on campus are Residence Halls. As a Resident Assistant (RA), I always thrive to create a sense of homeliness and an interactive community in my Residence Hall; Burpee Hall.

What do you love about Colby-Sawyer College? EVERYTHING – The opportunities with internship, the diversity on campus and the friendliness faces all over campus.

Oxana Tkachenko - Class of '15

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Lviv, Ukraine

Extracurricular Activities: Women's Tennis Team

Favorite spot on campus or New London: Pizza Chef, because they make the best Steak and Cheese subs.

I chose Colby-Sawyer because everyone is friendly and always there to support you.

Kate Vickery - Class of '15

Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Manchester, NH

Extracurricular Activities Campus Activities Board (CAB), Guild of Artistic Thinkers (GOAT), Cookie For Your Thoughts (CFYT).

One of the ways I am always learning is through my involvement with CAB. I joined CAB my sophomore year of college and it has made me a very active student on campus. I learn a lot about students, performers, ways to promote events on campus, and a lot more. This year I am co-chair for Special Weekends for CAB, which allows me to think of fun events that can be held on campus. There are 4 special weekends in a school year, starting from Thursday night and ending on Sunday. I get to touch base with comedians, hypnotists, musicians, ghost hunters, and more about finding a way to bring them to campus. CAB always take suggestions from students at Colby-Sawyer and we try our best to make everyone happy.

My favorite spot on campus is the quad. During the warm days at CSC, a lot of students hang out on the quad on campus. It's a really fun environment to be in because everyone is in a great mood from the weather, there's music blasting and students playing different games on the field.

What do you love about Colby-Sawyer College? I love the friendliness of students and faculty. I found it really easy to talk with students and make friends, and I feel like it was a good change from high school. It made me feel like I was "at home", and people made me feel good about my decision to go to CSC.

Sarah Wiley - Class of '15

Major: Health Care Management (Minor: Sociology)
Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Extracurricular Activities: VP of Marketing/Recruiting for the Campus Activities Board, Co-President of the Sociology Club, Member of CSC Riffed, Member of MRC Club

One of the ways I am always learning is through my involvement with the Campus Activities Board (CAB) . We are constantly working as a team to plan, organize, and run events on campus. Throughout the years that I have been involved in this club, I have met many people which has helped me to learn more about myself.

Favorite spot on campus or New London: Wheeler Hall: I spend a lot of my time in Wheeler Hall for CAB events. I have a lot of good memories associated with this place on campus and love that I can always go there to hang out with friends or play the piano.

What do you love about Colby-Sawyer College? At Colby-Sawyer you are more than just a number. Faculty and staff genuinely care and want you to succeed.

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