tour guides: biology

Emily Dalton - Class of '13

Major: Biology with Chemistry Minor
Hometown: Dover, NH

Finish this sentence: “When I grow up, I want to be…”
a pediatrician or trauma surgeon.

What's one thing you love about campus?
The view of Mt. Kearsarge and surrounding mountains on a nice day is breathtaking.

What makes CSC students unique?
Everyone is genuinely friendly.

Maria Cimpean - Class of '13

Major: Biology
Hometown: Ludus, Romania

What's the most unique thing you've experienced at CSC?
The possibility of becoming a research assistant as a sophomore. This is a great opportunity for any bio student.

What do you do for fun on campus?
I really like the CAB events like Wacky Bingo.

What's your favorite class?
It's to hard to pick just 1! I like all of my classes because I get to experiment and test hypotheses.

Shu Wen Teo - Class of '13

Major: Biology
Hometown: Sarawak, Malaysia

What's been your favorite CSC experience?
Getting to talk to professors who have a great deal of experiences personally while sharing my culture with them.

What's your favorite CAB event?
Wacky Bingo!

Where do you spend most of your time?
Library, working on assignments and projects.