international student spotlight

David Oriettas '14

Athens, Greece
Biology Major

What is your advice to students who are thinking of applying to Colby-Sawyer?

If you enjoy a small, family like atmosphere, this is a good place for you. Everyone knows everyone on campus, and you make friends in no time. If you are involved with a sports teams, or dance, or some other activity that makes it even easier to meet people.

What is a typical day like on campus?

You wake up, get breakfast with your friends and then head over to classes. Most students have morning classes. By mid-day most students are usually done with classes for the day. After lunch, you may find a lot of people playing football, baseball and all sorts of pass time if the weather is good (spring semester). During the winter people gather mostly in dorms, and hang out or get some work done. For anyone involved in sports after 3 you will probably find the varsity teams practicing on campus. Around 6 pm people go to dinner and after that some go to the gym, other head over to the library and others go back to the dorms.

What is your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge so far, was to be able to balance my time correctly between basketball, classes, and friends. It was hard at first, and it takes some time, but once you find the right combination it is worth it.