international student spotlight

Hermella G. Tekle (Ella) '16

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
History and Political Studies Major, Pre-law track

What made you want to study in the U.S.?

I love traveling and meeting people from different backgrounds. I wanted a better education and to implement what I learned here in my own country upon graduation.

Why did you choose Colby-Sawyer?

I was a born in a small town, but grew up in a city and I never got to experience small town life. Colby-Sawyer College granted me a scholarship and good financial aid so that I could live that dream.

What is a typical day like on campus?

I generally go to class, meet friends at the dining hall, and then go to work. If it is winter, we watch movies in our room and if it is spring I like to hang out on the quad. I study either in the library, Colgate or the dining hall. I also like to go to the lodge to take a study break. Here you can order food, and there is a game room where I like to play foosball and pool.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Professor Eric Boyer, who is also my advisor, helped me greatly by being supportive and by giving me advice on school and on my future career plans. He encouraged me to consider on going to Law School after graduation. Now thanks to him, I am planning to take the LSAT test next winter break. He has also supported me by giving me advice to get an internship at a Congress Office for next summer.

Where are your favorite places to visit in town?

Pleasant Lake, Dunkin Donuts and Hole in the Fence.

What is one thing you want an international student to know about campus life?

First impressions are very important inside and outside of campus; this is one valuable lesson that my college experience has taught me. Try to meet a lot of people. Also work hard, and don't waste any time procrastinating.

What do you usually do for fun on the weekends?

Usually at least once a month the International Students gather together. We like to cook and share our cultures with one another. I love to hang out with other students. I love all the events that CAB brings to campus. Once in a while I like to go shopping and go out to eat.

What activities have you been involved in on campus? Any favorites?

There are many opportunities on campus, especially student-led organizations. Currently, I am the President for my class (Class of 2016), Vice President for the Model United Nations Club, Novelty Chair for the Campus Activities Board and Director of Publicity and Public Relations for RHA. I was also Secretary for the Cross-Cultural Club and Publicity Officer for the Community Service Club. I am also an active member in the ENACTUS club and Crossroads Christian Fellowship.