international student spotlight

Jovana Stojanova '16

Kochani, Macedonia
History and Political Studies Major

How did you hear about Colby-Sawyer?

I was enthusiastic about the educational system.

Why did you choose Colby-Sawyer?

I chose Colby-Sawyer for the size, location, and diversity of the school.

What is a typical day like on campus?

I spend a lot of time in the cafeteria, either socializing with friends or studying for exams and working on papers. I also participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Eric Boyer is my favorite professor because I can listen to him talk about politics for hours without getting bored.

What is something that surprised you about campus once you were a student?

It's all white with snow for most of the school year!

What is one thing you want an international student to know about campus life?

It's a lot of fun because the rest of the internationals are probably in the same position as you are and they became your family. In almost every club there is at least one international on the executive board and it's really easy to join and be active. If you feel homesick, remember you are not alone!

What do you usually do for fun on the weekends?

I like to socialize, sit on the Quad, take pictures and hang out.

What activities have you been involved in on campus? Any favorites?

I'm involved with Student Government, Class Board, Model UN, Safe Zones and International Students' Bureau. My favorites are Class Board, Model UN and SGA. I am the president of Model UN and the Vice President of the Class of 2016 for SGA.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Getting used to the cold weather.