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As an international student, we know you have a lot of questions. We thought that the following list of questions that we are asked frequently by international students that have come before you, might help answer some things you were wondering about. If you have a question that is not listed below, please let us know so we can help aid you in your college search process.

Do you offer any graduate programs (Masters, Ph.D., etc.?)
Colby-Sawyer College does not offer graduate programs of any kind, as we are a strictly undergraduate institution of higher learning.

What documents do you require for admission?
We require the following documents to complete your application for admission:
• The Common Application (fee waived if you apply online), available at
• Essay/writing sample
• Letter of recommendation (from a teacher that has had you in their classroom, or an academic counselor that you have worked with)
TOEFL, IELTS or SLEP scores (we will also accept an SAT or ACT score in place of the TOEFL, IELTS or SLEP)
• High School Transcripts in English
*if you are a transfer student, we require your college transcripts. If you enroll at Colby-Sawyer, we ask for you to complete a translation by WES (the World Education Service.) We also require a Dean's Recommendation Letter.

What is your TOEFL institution code?
Our TOEFL institution code is 3281.

What is the minimum TOEFL or IELTS score you require for admission?
We look for a 71 ibt (internet based test) or a 500 paper test score on the TOEFL, or a 5.5 on the IELTS.

Do you accept other standardized test scores besides the TOEFL or IELTS?
We can also use SAT, ACT, or SLEP scores. We are simply looking to assess your English Language Proficiency to make sure that we can better serve you as a student here on campus.

Do you offer ESL courses on campus?
At this time we do not offer any ESL courses on campus. Colby-Sawyer is partnered with two ESL programs: House of Tutors Learning Centers in Austin, Texas and Columbia West College in Los Angeles, California.

Can I receive college credit for taking University of Cambridge A-Level exams?
Yes! If you have taken A-Level Cambridge International Exams, we require your scores to be sent directly from the University of Cambridge. You will need to fill out a Certifying Statement Application Form 7 and mail this to University of Cambridge. Having scores sent to Colby-Sawyer is a requirement in order to register for courses at CSC. This is NOT required at the application stage but AFTER you have enrolled and deposited at CSC. Students who have taken A-Level courses or similar exams through another examination board please contact to verify what forms are needed.

Will I be matched with a host family?
You will be matched with a Friendship Family-a local family that will be a great source of support for you, especially during your first year at Colby-Sawyer College. This family may show you around the area, invite you over for dinner from time to time, take you shopping and include you in some of their activities. It is a nice way to informally learn a little more about American culture. All deposited students will be matched with a local family using the request form.

As an international student am I eligible for scholarships?
Yes. International students are eligible for the same scholarships that our domestic students are. Some scholarships are automatically given at the time of admission if a student qualifies, while others require an application (and carry a deadline component.) For a complete list of scholarships and more information about qualifications for the scholarships, visit this link.

Are international students eligible for financial aid?
Colby-Sawyer is a need-aware in the admissions process. The college gives a significant amount in scholarships and grants to international students. In addition to these, international students are able to fill out and apply for further aid through the Supplemental Financial Information Form. Students should know Colby-Sawyer does not meet full need.

What is the average financial aid package/cost for an international student?
This really varies from student to student depending on the aforementioned factors. However, we expect that on average, international students will contribute approximately $15,000 USD toward their education per year, plus books, health insurance, personal expenses and transportation expenses. All other things are included in the cost (food, housing, most social events, etc.) This cost may be more or less again, depending on each individual student as well as aid budgets for that given year in which a student is applying for aid. It is important not to compare your aid with other student awards. Financial aid is based on personal and individual family circumstances and varies, sometimes greatly, among students.

Are international students able to work on campus?
In some circumstances, students can work on campus, but we do not guarantee jobs on campus and you should not plan on working on campus when financially preparing to fund your study. Employment is strictly controlled by the U.S. Government. Some offices, including Admissions, dining services and a few others on campus have budgets which allow them to pay international students to work. Jobs are limited and are dependent upon skills that each student brings forward.

Where is your campus located?
We are located in New London, New Hampshire, in the beautiful Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region of the state. We are in a portion of the United States called “New England.” Colby-Sawyer is in a small, rural town that is surrounded by the lakes and mountains-it is very picturesque. We are approximately 90 minutes from the city of Boston, an hour from the city of Manchester, New Hampshire and about 5 hours drive time from New York City. For more information about our location, please visit our directions page.

Current Colby-Sawyer students come from over 30 countries. How many international students do you have on campus currently?
We have just under 120 international students on campus out of 1,400 total students. The incoming class of 2016 has 44 international student members.

Where do some of your international students come from?
Our students come from many diverse corners of the world. Students from over 30 countries attend Colby-Sawyer. To name just a few of the countries represented: Romania, Rwanda, Paraguay, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Ghana, China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Sweden, France, Germany and more!

How do I get to the Colby-Sawyer campus?
There are two airports to choose from: Manchester Boston Regional Airport (which is located in Manchester, N.H.; about an hour drive from campus,) and Boston Logan International Airport (which is located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts; about one and a half hours drive from campus.)

For more information on Manchester Boston Regional Airport click here.

For more information on Boston Logan International Airport click here.

Students are responsible to get themselves to campus, or at least within a few miles of campus, so we typically recommend that students fly into Boston and arrange for taking a bus to a stop that is 3 miles from campus where someone can arrange to pick students up at reasonable times of day. The bus is called Dartmouth Coach. Otherwise, some students may use driving services by car, but that tend to be quite expensive. We recommend the bus option. If you want to do a car service from one of the two airports, let us know and we can tell you which services students have used in the past.

What is the town and surrounding area like?
The local town is very quaint and students can walk to small shops, restaurants and other unique things. It is a rural area and very picturesque with views of the mountains from our campus, several lakes locally and the area itself is very clean and safe. To learn more about our area, please visit the New London Area Chamber of Commerce site at

What is the weather like in New London, NH?
New Hampshire is known for its beautiful four seasons. In the months of fall, it is typical to see relatively warm days and cool nights. Fall is known for its beautiful foliage season, where the leaves erupt into bright, bold and beautiful colors. These months are September- early November. The average temperatures range from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Late November, it begins to get cold and we do get snow in New Hampshire typically through March. Average winter temperatures range from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to occasionally below zero. We do offer free skiing at a local mountain and winter sports can be very fun. Spring is splendid where flowers and trees begin to bloom again and the weather begins to get warmer. Average temperatures for spring range from 35 degrees up to even 75 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Summer is truly spectacular with the lakes here for swimming, boating and so on. Average temperatures range from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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