meet your counselor

Lauren Broderick '13

Admissions Counselor

Territory: New Hampshire (Seacoast), Maine, New Jersey and New York

Phone: 1(603) 526-3701

Admissions: 1(800) 272-1015

What do you like about the area?
New London is the perfect quaint town. I love its small-town feel and the beautiful surroundings. From the shops to the restaurants, there is always somewhere new to explore. I always enjoy catching up with friends in town. There is nothing quite like a walk down Main Street when the sun is shining!

What advice can you give a prospective student about the college search process?

The best advice I can give is inspired from my own experience. Find the college that speaks to you and feels the most at home. When you walk around the campus and see current students heading to class, the library, dining hall or walking with friends, can you picture yourself doing the same on that campus? Wherever you feel the most at ease and welcome is where you will be the happiest. If you use that to guide your search you will make the right choice.

What is your favorite area on campus?

Ware Student Center is located in the heart of campus. This building was my home away from home as a student. It is always buzzing with students eating in the dining hall, checking their mail, attending club meetings or spending time in Wheeler Hall for an event. It is a great place to catch up with friends over a meal or at an event or to simply enjoy the nice weather outside on one of the benches. There is a fun energy in this space!

Tell us something about yourself.

As a student I was a programming chair for the Campus Activities Board (CAB). This experience allowed me the opportunity to program events for the entire campus, including comedians, hypnotists, musicians and student-run open mic nights. Even now, one of my favorite things to do is attend live music concerts for my favorite bands. In addition, I attended several conferences in New England with my peers where we presented sessions for students from all over the Northeast on campus event programming. Being involved in CAB at Colby-Sawyer created some of my most meaningful memories from my four years here.