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Courtney Stein

Associate Professor, Social Sciences and Education
(603) 526-3652 | cstein

Joined faculty in 2008. Ph.D. in Psychological Science from Dartmouth College in 2006. B.S. in Research Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University in 2000. Areas of expertise include Child Development, Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Decision Making, Development of Abstract Concepts.

Areas of Expertise

  • Child Development
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Decision Making
  • Development of Abstract Concepts

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Pergakis, M. B., Manos, A., Stein, C., & Taylor, H. A. "Use of temporal landmarks on judgments of ambiguous dates.” (under revision).

  • Keil, F.C., Stein, C., Webb, L., Billings, V.D., & Rozenblit, L. "Discerning the division of cognitive labor: An emerging understanding of how knowledge is clustered in other minds." Cognitive Science 32.2 (2008): 259-300.

  • Dunbar, K., Fugelsang, J., & Stein, C. "Do naïve theories ever go away? Using brain and behavior to understand changes in concepts." Thinking with Data. Ed. M. Lovett & P. Shah. New York, NY: LEA, 2007. 193-206.

  • Stein, C., Wolford, G., & Taylor, H. A. "What do you mean I missed the meeting?" Psychonomic Society Meeting. Houston, TX. November 2006.

  • Fugelsang, J., Stein, C., Green, A., & Dunbar, K. "Theory and data interactions of the scientific mind: Evidence from the molecular and the cognitive laboratory." Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology 58 (2004): 132-141.


  • Ph.D., Psychological Science, Dartmouth College
  • B.S., Research Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University