colby-sawyer faculty

Brandy Gibbs-Riley

Assistant Professor, Fine and Performing Arts
(603) 526-3664 |

Joined the faculty in 2007, M.F.A. Boston University. Professor Gibbs-Riley's approach to design education is interdisciplinary, informed by her work in industry as a practicing designer, historical research, and the creation of personal and experimental art which includes digital and mixed media, painting and printmaking. She believes that active involvement in all three disciplines is crucial for producing quality work, as each practice informs the other. Professor Gibbs-Riley also conducts historical research. Her area of interest is in the History of Corporate Identity and Design in Post-World War II America, 1945-1960.

Areas of Expertise

  • Design Strategy and Management
    • Branding
    • Corporate Identity
    • Marketing Communications
  • Graphic Design
    • Information Design
    • Interactive Design
    • Navigation and Wayfinding
    • Packaging Design
    • Product Design
    • Publication and Book Design
    • Typography
    • User Interface Design
    • Web Design
  • Art & Art History
    • Graphic Design History
    • Digital Media
    • Mixed Media
    • Painting
    • Printmaking

Recent Presentations / Publications

"Meggs' History of Graphic Design." research and editorial assistant, 5th edition (upcoming).


M.F.A., Graphic Design, Boston University College of Fine Arts
B.A., Studio Art, Bates College