quantitative literacy publications

Published Material Developed by Colby-Sawyer Faculty

Predator-Prey Interactions Modeling the Number of Fishers and Porcupines in New Hampshire, Ben Steele
Introducing Endangered Birds to Ulva, NZ Modeling exponential and logistic growth of the yellowhead population, Ben Steele
Calibrating a Pipettor Bill Thomas
How Sweet Is Your Tea? Practical experience with solutions and concentration, Bill Thomas
Grade Calculation Semra Kilic-Bahi
The "Perfect" Date Ranking and Rating Decisions with a Spreadsheet, Semra Kilic-Bahi
Index Numbers: Gasoline and Inflation Why We Need the Consumer Price Index, Semra Kilic-Bahi
Illegal Software Installation Tracking software piracy rates around the world, Maryann Allen
The Digital Divide A Data Analysis Activity Using Subtotals, Maryann Allen
Is It Hot in Here? Spreadsheeting Conversions in the English and Metric Systems, Cheryl Coolidge
Chemical Equilibrium What Are the Characteristics of Equilibrium Reactions?, Cheryl Coolidge
Why Don't I Feel Better Yet? Examining the effect of dose, time interval, and elimination rate on attaining a therapeutic drug level, Cheryl Coolidge
Administering Medications to Patients Calculating Dosages in the Clinical Setting, Shari Goldberg
Understanding Mortgage Payments Jody Murphy
Exercise to Calculate River Discharge Nick Baer
Calculating Divorce Rates Joe Carroll
Becoming a Psychology Scholar Lynn Garrioch
Demographic Data in Community Assessment Shari Goldberg
Finding Your 'Perfect Partner' Evaluating matchmaker profiles using ratings and cutoff methods, Semra Kilic-Bahi
Luck and Randomness in Sports Andrew Cahoon
The Science of Sugaring Nick Baer
What is the main issue? Semra Kilic-Bahi and Ben Steele