academic proficiencies

Proficiency in writing, quantitative literacy and computing literacy is vital for students performing college-level work, and will remain so long after graduation. Students take three courses in order to develop and hone these skills that will be valuable throughout a lifetime:


The writing proficiency initiates students into the rigors and rewards of academic writing. Through assignments which include the academic argument, the research paper, and the personal essay, the required Writing course builds solid foundations in areas critical to written work at the college level and beyond.

Quantitative Literacy

The quantitative literacy proficiency is fulfilled by a variety of mathematics courses and teaches students the necessary skills to understand and use quantitative information in their personal and professional lives. The ability to display quantitative information is also an effective communication skill. Skills acquired in the quantitative literacy proficiency course in mathematics are reinforced through our program to enhance quantitative literacy across the curriculum.

Computing Literacy

The computing proficiency is fulfilled by a required computing concepts and applications course that helps students develop their experiences with computing technology. Courses across the majors reinforce and deepen these skills as students continue their education.