molly csere & kameron mertz

My name is Molly Csere, and I'm a Graphic Design major.

Kameron Mertz and I are working together on our Honors Capstone. For our combined project, we plan on doing two portions (or two ideas that link together). We plan on leading the renovation of the other half of the fourth floor of Colgate and hopefully turning it into a space that students and faculty can use and enjoy, and we also plan on producing a publication that covers the overcrowding issue at Colby-Sawyer College and the changes that are being implemented. So, we want to document the changes, as well as be a catalyst for change by actually participating in improving our college. Of course, we just sent in our proposal today, so this is subject to change.

For me, the Honors program was an enriching experience; it provided a strong basis/backbone to my college career. The program gave me an opportunity to be myself and meet other students that had similar interests (in fact, the friends I met Freshman year in Honors pathway have become some of my best friends at college). The program also gave me the chance to step outside of my major (because we all tend to get boxed in at some point) and gain some perspective. Without it, I'm sure that my college experience would have been completely different.

After graduation, I am going to move back home (to Connecticut) and (hopefully) find a job that relates to Graphic Design.

Interview conducted and edited by Ye Zhu and Benjamin Dimario, members of the Wesson Honors Program and the Class of 2012.