jessica hurd, psychology

Observing and analyzing the different sociological and cultural differences in drug advertising, specifically focusing on the cigarette culture across the world throughout different countries. The goal is to compare the different attitudes towards smoking across the world, and to better understand why these attitudes develop and how they are implemented in advertising and society. The best thing the honors program has done for me is to force me to think outside of the box, and to really look closer not only at my own education but to also think outside of my major in order to get a more well-rounded experience. I love how the honors program never stops pushing me, as frustrating as it may be at times, to strive for better and bigger.

After graduation, I'm hoping to get accepted into one of the graduate schools I applied to, which are Simmons College, University of New Hampshire, Mass. School of Professional Psych., and Oxford University. I'm looking at continuing my degree and focusing on behavior analysis and/or forensic psychology. If not graduate school, I'm looking to get a job in the Boston/lower New Hampshire area and re-apply to school in a year or so.

Interview conducted and edited by Ye Zhu and Benjamin Dimario, members of the Wesson Honors Program and the Class of 2012.