2012 honors capstones

Molly Csere & Kameron Mertz, Graphic Design

Molly and Kam created a brochure that covers the changes that are being implemented in the college.

Madson Hawkins, Exercise Science

Madison created a handbook to inform others about the wide range of opportunities available at Colby-Sawyer College.

Jessica Hurd, Psychology

Jessica researched cigarette culture around the world to explore why different attitudes about smoking develop and how they are viewed in each society.

Michael Lepore, Graphic Design

Michael created an art exhibition showcasing 174 posters he designed for campus events.

Nicole Moyer, Biology

Nicole explored the therapeutic used of horses for the purpose of rehabilitation of athletic injuries through online research and personal experience in therapeutic riding programs.

Sara Maloney, History, Society & Culture

Sara analyzed films and art about fairy tales' characteristics and how they can change in our culture today.

Elizabeth Robinson, History, Society & Culture

Elizabeth created a gallery exhibition of French Impressionist paintings that are focused on the changing social structure of 19th century France.

Derek Veilleux, Studio Arts

Derek focused on research about the progressive landscape of industrial and technological evolution and how these elements affect our modern environment.

Owen Worden, Sports Management

Owen conducted a focus group with graduating athletic majors about the challenges they face as student-athletes at Colby-Sawyer College.

Ye Zhu and Benjamin Dimario, Business Administration

Julia and Ben interviewed Wesson Honors students about their learning outcomes and their Honors experience, gathering the information to populate this web page.