ye zhu & benjamin dimario

I worked on my Wesson Honors Capstone project with Benjamin Dimario on creating an online marketing tool to promote Wesson Honors Capstone projects on Colby-Sawyer Website. We designed a webpage to advertise Wesson Honors Program and interview students with their learning outcomes from their Honors experience.

The Honors program guided me to think more critically and helped me understand this diverse world from multiple perspectives. It also offered me opportunities to apply this knowledge outside of the classrooms. My experience of being an Honor student guided me to explore the world and encourage me to serve others. Wesson Honors Program surely made a far-reaching impact on the student body and Colby-Sawyer community.

My future plan is to work in the business field to accumulate more working experience for future graduate studies in Marketing.

Interview edited by Ye Zhu and Benjamin Dimario, members of the Wesson Honors Program and the Class of 2012.