derek veilleux, studio arts

In a vastly progressive landscape of industrial and technological evolution, my work explores these elemental surroundings as an approach to better understanding the present conditions of our modern environment. The shift from communal to individual and analog to digital represents this type of “new nature,” and the connection of man to mechanics. As a study of the dynamic relationship between time, space, sight and sound – installments are designed to create a sensual engagement connecting the viewer and his environment.

Developed as a component of my honors capstone – in addition to a number of major ongoing works – the focus of this project emphasizes themes explored throughout my portfolio and my practice. By supplementing the more traditional aspects of my work with elements of new and mixed media, my process and product involve a type of viewer sensitivity. As a result, the interface of auxiliary elements and audience involvement explores the dawn of a new nature and boundaries between humans and technology. My Honors Capstone project is New Nature, A Sculptural Series; Mixed Media Installations of the Elemental Present.

The chance to participate in a higher level of cooperative learning at Colby-Sawyer College has made for an invaluable and truly gratifying experience. The opportunity to supplement traditional courses with those outside my field of study has opened doors to an array of possibilities. As a member of the Wesson Honors Program and a student pursuing a degree in Fine Arts, I believe the highlight of my academic and artistic endeavors involves features of both research and design.

I find fodder in science and religion, history and politics, the economy and our environment. Augmenting my studies with the interdisciplinary component of honors courses has provided me with an endless source of inspiration. I am truly grateful to have been part of such an upstanding program.

Upon graduating this spring, I hope to spend time traveling, studying and working in different parts of the country. My plans for the summer include a tour of New Hampshire's White Mountains and the possibility of further exploring the coast of Maine. In terms of future goals, I intend to pursue a graduate degree in Sculpture and someday teach at the college level. However, only time will tell – and for now, I'm enjoying all I can.

Interview conducted and edited by Ye Zhu and Benjamin Dimario, members of the Wesson Honors Program and the Class of 2012.