madison hawkins, exercise science

After getting involved with the research on campus, funded by the INBRE grant, I am curious to discover what other opportunities there are to bring interdisciplinary education across campus. I would like to compile a summary of educational experiences offered beyond the black and white of a textbook. Specifically, I would like to explore the peer-to-peer interactions that serve as the backbone to these cases. In other words, I hope to outline academic encounters in which one peer in a given discipline offers his or her knowledge to a student of a different discipline, with a particular purpose. I am ill-informed of the other opportunities offered to explore various areas of study at Colby-Sawyer College. With that said, I will be conducting interviews with students and faculty alike to dig my way around the structure of the program curriculum's and into the gray area of extracurricular education.

My primary goal is to create a handbook, which can be modified annually, to both present and review these opportunities across campus. I believe this will allow me to do something worthwhile with my honor's capstone experience. And by worthwhile, I mean something substantial that will be useful to the college in the future. I hope that students, both current and potential, will be able to use this handbook as a tool to discover a side of education with all the fascination of a new discipline without the stringency of a syllabus.

The Wesson Honors program allowed me to explore academic areas that I would not normally choose to study. Furthermore, the leadership implied as a member of the wesson honors program challenged me to become a leader in the classroom and expand beyond the syllabus objecives. The wesson honors program pushed me to the extra mile to reach above the general expectation of a college student.

I am planning on attending graduate school in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology in order to continue my education in the field of exercise science and discover other research opportunities.

Interview conducted and edited by Ye Zhu and Benjamin Dimario, members of the Wesson Honors Program and the Class of 2012.