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task forces update

Personalizing Colby-Sawyer: The Focus on Enrollment Task Force was established in fall 2006 to address the college's current highest priority, enrollment. This task force, made up of faculty, staff, students and a trustee, is exploring ways to personalize our college for potential applicants, to improve our processes and to enhance collaboration within admissions.

Throughout this process, we have worked with nationally recognized enrollment consultants, Noel-Levitz. Noel-Levitz projects that as we hone our admissions processes and our ability to communicate about the distinctive character of Colby-Sawyer, we can expect to recruit even larger classes than we have previously enrolled. However, we must plan for and keep in mind that in New England and other regions, the population of college-age students is projected to level off and even decline in coming years. We must prepare for that tomorrow.

Tuition-driven institutions such as Colby-Sawyer must prepare for these changes not only through a greater focus on enrollment efforts, but also on careful management of current resources and through the generation of new sources of revenue. While recruiting slightly larger classes in the near future could mean modest growth, we must continue to rely upon the generous support of our graduates and friends and carefully steward our resources. We must look at all we do to ensure that we are using our resources as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

As noted, we must consider ways to enhance revenues and manage our costs. In that regard, we have formed a broad-based group, Reengineering Colby-Sawyer: The Revenue Enhancement and Operations Task Force. This group, in consultation with the larger campus community, will propose, analyze and consider various ways in which we might enhance our revenues and ways in which we might make our operations more efficient and effective.

All of our decisions will begin with asking: How will students benefit and how will students benefit the most?

Our analysis and decisions will be guided by our values: excellence, responsibility, community and connectedness. Our core commitment to our students and an excellent educational experience for them means that we must continue to responsibly analyze our revenues and our expenditures.

Where are we spending money that could more appropriately be used to improve our students' experiences? How might we increase revenues so as to avoid limiting expenditures that truly benefit our students' experiences here?

In light of our interconnectedness, we must be cognizant of how financial decisions in one area necessarily impact all other areas. Thus, we begin this reengineering work out of our sense of responsibility, but that responsibility provides us with a great opportunity and focus. That responsibility gives us a push to vigorously engage in an exciting and energetic process.

It is a fabulous opportunity for us to engage in an open conversation about what we see as the future of the institution. It is a chance for us to talk and think and analyze and plan and dream together about what we can all accomplish at Colby-Sawyer College to make the lives and educational experiences of our students even better.

The important work of the reengineering task force is, in essence and by definition, preparing for tomorrow. It will involve all of us coming together to draw the blueprint for the Colby-Sawyer of tomorrow. The process will be open, inclusive, comprehensive and engaging.

We will make our decisions in light of campus and communitywide input, as that is our way. The work of the group and the work of the faculty in considering and discussing what the institution will look like in the future is an exciting opportunity, and one I look forward to with enthusiasm.

All the best,

Thomas C. Galligan Jr.

President and Professor of Humanities