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How to Use the New Visual Identity

Harp and Company of Hanover, N.H., the firm that has worked with the college to design our visual identity program, has also provided a Graphic Standards Manual to guide our community in the appropriate usage and implementation.

The manual provides guidelines that we must follow to ensure that all the components of our visual identity program are implemented correctly and consistently. The guidelines cover usage of the visual identity program in college stationery, print and digital media, as well as in logo clothing and merchandise.

College community members who wish to implement the visual identity are strongly recommended to consult with Assistant Communications Director Ed Germar in College Communications for assistance.

He can be reached at or 526-3728.

View the Graphic Standards Manual, which can be found in MyCommunications in MyColby-Sawyer.

Colby-Sawyer College Introduces New Visual Identity and Strategic Themes

In celebration of our 175th anniversary year as an institution of teaching and learning, Colby-Sawyer College has introduced a new visual identity and strategic themes that build on foundations in our past and embody our present reality and plans for the future. With a new logo, tagline and set of four themes, the college's new identity conveys who we are and what we value as a college community.

Colby-Sawyer College Logo

Colby-Sawyer College has a tradition of growing and changing in response to students' needs, trends in education, economic conditions and the vision of our extended community. This institution has evolved from a secondary school to a junior college for women and on to become a coeducational baccalaureate institution. Now progess is underway to extend our academic mission to include online offerings and certificate and off-campus programs.

Our new logo – a modern rendering of the cupola atop Colgate Hall – stands before a backdrop of rolling mountains, symbolic of the college's abiding connection to our sense of place on campus and in the Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire. Our new tagline, Inside, Outside, Planetwide, represents the realms in which the college extends its influence. It also expresses in shorthand the strategic themes that our community has identified as the college's strengths and aspirations: Engaged Learning; Living Sustainably; Linking to the World; and Dynamic Devotion to Excellence.

Inside: Since 1837, Colby-Sawyer has excelled in Engaged Learning and today we are still committed to the development and realization of our students' individual potential. "Inside" refers to the growth of our students' self-awareness and self-actualization, achieved through exploration of their interests and strengths in small classes and through the close relationships they build with their professors, who serve as their teachers, advisors, mentors and friends within a supportive campus community.

Outside: As students grow more confident and self-directed through their education, they establish themselves as responsible, engaged scholars, leaders and community members. They select their fields of study, take on internships and other professional experiences, and practice the college's commitment to Living Sustainably. This college priority calls on all community members to reduce their impact on the environment and commit to the preservation of our campus and the natural world.

Colby-Sawyer College Stamp Planetwide: Colby-Sawyer College recognizes the fragility of our planet and the interconnectedness of humankind and is committed to educating students as responsible global citizens who are prepared to contribute significantly to their communities and the world. By Linking to the World, our students develop an understanding and appreciation of diversity and the multi-faceted perspectives of people with whom they will live and work in the global economy.

The college has made rapid progress in diversifying and internationalizing our campus and provides students with opportunities to study, complete internships and conduct field research around the nation and world. Our planetwide reach also encompasses the achievements of our alumni, whose education has prepared them for leadership roles as engaged citizens of the world.

The college's Dynamic Devotion to Excellence drives our strategic themes and requires us to build on our enduring strengths and traditions. We seek to embrace the best of today's educational practices and technologies, and to preserve our sense of place even as we extend our venues for teaching and learning and our spheres of influence around the globe.

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