Planting 175 Trees

In cooperation with our Departments of Environmental Studies and Natural Science, the college has launched an effort to plant 175 native trees on campus and in the community. The effort kicked off during Earth Week in the spring of 2012 and will continue this fall, culminating in the celebratory planting of a maple tree on Sargent Common in New London during the “Celebrating 175 Years Together” event on Friday, Oct. 12.  A list of trees that have been planted is available at 175 Trees.

The landscaping plan for this 175th anniversary initiative falls into these four categories of plantings:

  • replacing trees such as our sugar maples on the front lawn that were lost due to weather damage;
  • establishing the GreenROUTES Sustainable Living Laboratory, Permaculture Garden and Food Forest;
  • creating a living landscape to screen less appealing features on campus such as generators; and
  • planting native species to increase biodiversity, promote healthy ecological systems, enhance the soil, provide food and increase aesthetic value around campus.

This initiative, led by Professor Leon-C. Malan, chair of Environmental Studies, focuses on our themes of Engaged Learning and Living Sustainably. For more information, contact Professor Malan at